Replacing a Light Fitting

The installation of any new circuits in your home must be completed by a Part P qualified electrician. Failure to follow these provisions may result in difficulty selling your home at a later date, or in your house insurance being invalidated.

When completing any electrical work in your home, you should ensure that your work is checked by a qualified electrician prior to connecting your work to the power supply. It is also a good idea to receive a certificate stating that your work has been checked. If ever in any doubt about any electrical task, be sure to contact your local electrician before starting.

Always ensure that the electricity is off at the mains power, and that you have removed the fuse from the double pole switch before touching any wiring or pipes in your home. Before removing a light fitting, it is necessary to mark which wires and cables went where. Wrap each wire with a small piece of tape individually. Do not bundle the wires together. Depending on the age of the wiring in your home, the live wires could be red or brown, the neutral wires either black or blue, and the earth wires usually a yellow and green combination. Check carefully and mark appropriately. If you are unsure which wire is which, you will need a circuit tester to check.

Once marked, you can remove the old light fitting. Secure your new fitting and attach the wires in same places as they were connected in the old light fitting.