Sandboarding Easy Action 

If you can stay upright on a snowboard and you enjoy boarding then you can definitely pull off sandboarding.  You can have just as much fun trying something different yet similar. The basic principle is the same for both sports.  Snowboarding is racing downhill on a board that is gliding across snow.  Sandboarding simply replaces the snow with sand. The best part about sandboarding is that you don’t need the sub zero temperatures that come with snow.  Sandboarding can be enjoyed anywhere, from Saharan Africa to pretty much anywhere that has an abundance of sand. If you have boarded before then sandboarding is an easy cross over.  It is a fun alternative to what you have already mastered.  But if you are a beginner, never fear because sandboarding is very easy to pick up. 
For those who are newcomers to the sport the same introduction applies as to snowboarding. Beginners can start out mastering smaller sand dunes and slopes which aren’t too steep. Smaller dunes allow you to enjoy the ride and perfect your technique before taking on a larger and steeper downhill. The upside to a larger dune is a longer ride and the possibility of incorporating obstacles and jumps. For the more experienced sandboarder a steeper dune provides the thrill of a faster ride and the opportunity to get the hang of those mad tricks. One of the nice things about boarding on sand is that if you fall the damage isn’t as bad as if you fall on solid tar or concrete, so it is a slightly less dangerous option in the world of boarding.  But that does not mean that precautions and safety should be left on the sidelines. Helmets and padding is always a good idea when playing an action sport. 
A sandboard looks very much the same as a snowboard.  Both are light and have bindings which keep your feet firmly in contact with the board at all times. The great thing about the sandboard being light is that for every dune you want to master you have to get the board to the top yourself.  Don’t think you can get out of being in great physical shape.  Boarding demands fitness and keeps you fit. 
When choosing the perfect spot to board, try to pick dunes with dry sand as your board will stick in wet sand.  This will be an unpleasant ride and the possibility of falling is much higher. Another important thing to take into consideration when choosing your boarding spot is to make sure there is only sand in the vicinity.  Dune grass can easily be damaged and without the grass there are no dunes.  No dunes mean no sandboarding.  This is also a chance to be eco friendly. 
Sandboards can be made by hand if you are the type that enjoys building your own equipment, as long as you have the right materials.  Or you can buy them off the net or from an action sports shop.  Be sure to make certain that your board is of good quality.  Poor quality products cost more money in the end and can cost you a lot more if you have an accident.