unblock toilet

How to Unblock a Toilet

There are several different ways to unblock toilets and none of the equipment is very expensive.

One of the simplest and cheapest methods is to use the ordinary plunger. Consisting of a short, stubby handle and a rubber, concertina type cup, it is placed over the pan hole and then pumped up and down while being held firmly in place.

The downward stroke creates pressure in the blocked pipe and the upward stroke creates a vacuum. In most circumstances a few hard pumps will disturb the particles causing the blockage and they can then be easily flushed away.

Then there is the cylindrical pump type plunger. In this model and by using the handle, air is pumped into the cylinder and compressed. When the rubber suction pad is placed over the hole, the trigger on the handle can be pressed releasing the compressed air into the blocked pipe, forcing the blockage to break up.

A water injector is more expensive, but is a very practical way of getting rid of waste pipe blockages. With this unit, a small amount of water is placed in the toilet, the plunger is lifted and the water is sucked into the reservoir. Then, by pressing down hard on the handle, water is forced down the pipe. On lifting the handle again the suction creates a vacuum, pulling the dirty water and the particles back with it.

Germs are always present in any form of waste matter, so it is vital that a good pair of rubber gloves is worn.